What to do when you cant afford singing lessons?

Hey! I get this- I sometimes joke that I can’t afford singing lessons!

Lets face it they are expensive and especially if you are going to a reputable teacher.

And so they should be – most teachers spend decades learning, studying and performing. Truth is, maybe your first step isn’t to go and see a teacher.

Save your money and invest it wisely. When you consider that a single lesson with someone like me costs anything from $90 – $150 it’s a LOT of money to find on a weekly or fortnightly basis. So, does this mean you cant study singing?

Why should money get in the way? I do believe that people have a right to sing if they so wish, and even better if they can do so with some great technique to help develop a voice that you can be proud of. Nowadays the internet is full of at home singing programs, the good, the bad and the downright harmful!

It’s literally a minefield with many products being sold really cheaply or even for free. IM SORRY, BUT FOR THE MOST PART YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

As a professional teacher/vocal coach of 17 years it takes a lot for me to recommend at home vocal programs – but here’s the thing FINALLY I CAN!!!

A friend and mentor of mine has developed a first rate alternative to one on one singing lessons. Its called SingPro – and believe me this product is going to be BIG.

It provides a simple interface for students to work from with a virtual studio. There is nothing like it out there. Here are just some of the current features of the program.

  • Spectrogram Analysis Driven Vocal Workouts
  • Pitch/ear Training Program
  • Online Voice Lessons and Superior Vocal Training
  • Karaoke & Key Change Exporter
  • “How To” Video Library
  • Interactive Vocal Journal To Track Progress
  • Artist Development E-Library with ebooks
  • Proven Vocal Technique used by Celebrities & Vocal Experts


Seriously, if you are considering singing lessons this is an EXCELLENT place to start.  For the price of $149 USD you get an amazing at home system that helps YOU to become a better vocalist through tailored work outs and self analysis.

You can record and journal all of your practice sessions, an excellent resource to monitor and review your progress. I have been teaching vocalists for 17 years. I have studied with some of the worlds best teachers and spent fortunes in doing so.

Not that I could ever regret my investment – I owe everything to the teachers I’ve had. However, I wish there had been something like this when I started out. It would’ve directed my study in a really positive, healthy direction.

The techniques that SingPro employs are exactly the same as I would teach in my studio and the same as the techniques I have studied over the years with some of the world’s greatest teachers. To read more about my story you can find info on me here. 

I should also mention that I will be recommending SingPro to my current students as an excellent tool for their practice at home and on tour. This is not simply for beginners. Check out the video testimonials of some of the people who have benefitted from using SingPro

I will even throw in a FREE email review if you send through one (valued at $50)! Just email me, Lisa at info@singwithease.com with codeword SingProFreebie.