The techniques I use during lessons have been developed to handle the fierce demands placed on performers of contemporary singing. My long term background with Speech Level Singing technique still has an influence on the exercises and training tools within lessons, with added layers that I use to enhance breathing co ordination, posture and performance coaching. Its my duty as an instructor to continuously educate myself. This means that my ideas are not fixed, and my students can benefit from a variety of methods and techniques to improve themselves and their voices. Having been a teacher for almost 20 years my teaching has evolved and will continue to do so.

Great singing is more than a sum total of what goes on with breathing or laryngeal function. What we think and our emotional state plays a huge part in how we sound and function vocally. Vocal function and our psychology are inseparable – what we think about our singing will BE our singing.

Lessons give you the chance to explore your singing in a nurturing and loving way. No two voices are ever the same, each is unique and comes with its own beauty and challenges. That is why exercises are tailored especially for you and how we address issues very much depends on what I perceive to be the best way for you to feel and understand. This can include vocal exercises, physical adjustments, coaching and explorations in musicality and expression. Whatever you need, is what I will do my best to give.

 “How are you?”

Believe it or not, I don’t train singers just because I love singing. Most importantly I love people. Teaching singing is the vehicle for my love of relationship, and watching people excel at what they love most. My students really matter to me. Every lesson begins with “how are you?” this question is not a throw away gesture, but a sincere inquiry that often sets the tone for the lesson. Good student and teacher relationship is crucial to establish trust in learning. The relationship I have with every single student is unique, special and highly valued, providing an environment of positivity, growth and freedom to express.

“How can I help you?”

This may seem arbitrary but if I don’t know WHAT you want, its impossible to truly serve you. Some students are only coming in for a few lessons to prepare for an audition, show or recording and their needs may be quite different from someone just starting out with learning about voice. This is why each client is respected as an individual, so that I cant actually help them to achieve what they need (and not always what I perceive they need). This has a huge impact when it comes to vocal style. It is my job to enhance what you already have within you. Whatever your passion and vocal style is, I will help you find the best and most efficient ways to use your voice and express yourself freely.


Never be scared to experiment, have fun and be creative. Singing is a joyful experience and so is technique if handled with a sense of humour and fun. More often these days I’m finding that people are getting too scared to play with their voices – fear of sounding silly or even vocal damage prevents a playfulness that I believe to be key in learning.  Permission to enjoy and play with your sounds, very often leads to greater technical advancement and self discovery.