Common Voice Problems

Most singing problems come down to one thing – bridges. Bridges are also referred to as Passagio. A part of the vocal range that transitions from one area of the voice to another, for example: chest to head voice. As singers we want these transition to take place seamlessly and without excess muscular effort. All to often singers struggle with the bridges and don’t know how to correctly sing through them, leading to all kinds of bad vocal habits.

Speech Level Singing technique gives you the skills to manage bridges and fix the following problems as well as many others:

Cracking between notes or “flipping”

Breaking, cracking or flipping is caused by a disruption in the vocal folds ability to remain together as the singer moves through pitches. This can be because the singer is pushing the chest voice too high and the vocal folds let go because they can no longer support the strain. Conversely, it can also be caused by the vocal folds bursting open because of the inability to sustain coming together through the range of pitches.
These breaks or flips are simply indicators of poor vocal coordination, and are found in relatively predictable parts of the scale.

Straining to reach a note

This is typically caused by a singer trying to force a pitch by pushing more air through the vocal folds to cover up for a naturally occurring ”bridge” in their range. Over time, this forcing causes the muscles to tire, strain and may even cause the muscles to damage.

SLS teaches you how to balance the air flow through the muscles that form your voice, eliminating the strain and poor quality that comes from incorrect technique. The end result is you sing through your complete range smoothly and comfortably – without stress or strain.