In Person Lessons

Private singing sessions are by appointment only – please call early to avoid disappointment.

Plan to spend an hour with me the first session, shorter sessions can be arranged as needed.

Our first sitting allows me to assess the condition of your voice. I’m looking for breaks, strain, weakness, range, uneven breath, missing notes, and so on.

Combined with your own interpretation of the problem, I can then map a strategy of techniques to address problems or improve the overall range or quality of your singing voice.

We also spend time on styling or performance techniques if you want. So whether you sing opera, musicals, pop, rock, jazz, or whatever your style, your voice will be better with Speech Level Singing.

Every session is recorded on CD so you can review and reflect and practice in your own time.

Please bring either backing tracks or lead sheets.

If you play piano or guitar, you can accompany yourself during the sessions. While my own piano skills are limited, I play along with a chord chart/lead sheet. A hired accompanist can be arranged if necessary.

singing-lessons in person