Meet Lisa Perks

Lisa Perks, Certified Speech Level Singing InstructorAs a 12 year old I began performing professionally in various musical genres including Rock, Soul, Blues, Music Theatre and jazz. I have experienced first hand, the challenges and rewards that come with a singing career.

In 2002 I recorded my album “I’m in Love” on FMR records and toured extensively throughout the UK. During this time I was privileged to work with some of the country’s most highly regarded musicians.

As I was growing my singing career I taught on the Bachelor of Arts course at Colchester Institute, Music and Fine Arts for five years. While there, I helped develop the Singer/Songwriter program. It was here that I discovered my true passion was in helping others to sing better.

As I reached the age of 28 I started to notice my voice was not working as it had previously. Not only did this affect my vocal ability but it had a huge impact on my confidence. I was forced to rest my voice to save it from the years of poor technique and performing. It was at this time that I encountered Speech Level Singing and I had my first lesson with Maestro Seth Riggs.

That day changed my life forever and has led me to dedicate myself to mastering this technique and passing it on to my students.

In 2005 I followed my heart to Australia. In the years since I have been able to watch the Speech Level community grow in Australia and I am so proud to have been the first person to hold workshops in Melbourne with visiting specialists from the USA. The local vocal community has been so welcoming and it’s an honor to share what I have learnt with both teachers and students in Melbourne.

Currently, I am enjoying helping singers and actors in Australia discover their true vocal potential using a remarkable singing method that I have used to salvage my own voice – and I can also help you!

To book in for a one to one session either in person or via skype, call 0434 877606.