protect what is special

I'm writing this post in response to a student request. Andee asked that I blogged on the "7 best ways to look after your voice"... Well, in all honesty I can say that there is literally so much information on this out there in cyber land that Im going to leave what I consider to be generic answers (hydration, warming up, vitamins,) as they are alr... Read More >>

Know your zone

Recently I watched a TED Talk on "How to get better at the things you care about", this wasn't a talk aimed specifically at those involved in the arts but I thought that the principles were totally relevant to our world. The presenter, Eduardo Bri... Read More >>

Less fear, more confidence!

The body is an amazing system of energy. Our psychology plays a significant role in how our body reacts."if we believe we are under stress, we manifest stress in our physiology" - Dr Bruce H Lipton.All of us understand how stress or negativity feels - Our heart rate increases, muscles tighten, increase in saliva, sweat and so on. ... Read More >>

What to do when you cant afford singing lessons?

Hey! I get this- I sometimes joke that I can’t afford singing lessons!

Lets face it they are expensive and especially if you are going to a reputable teacher. And so they should be – most teachers spend decades learning, studying and performing. Truth is, maybe your first step isn’t to go and se... Read More >>