Myth Busting part 1 (of goodness knows how many?!)

I'm starting a series of blogs on Myth Busting... No surprises - the title says exactly that : ) What I'm going to say will have some surprises for some readers. AND some of what I say may rattle a few cages - not intentionally, but Im aware that this territory can be contentious. Im more than willing to stick my head (and reputation) on the lin... Read More >>

Do something – (Other than what you’re doing)

I'm currently enrolled on a course, CoreSinging with Doctor Meribeth Dayme. The module today focussed on consciousness (in its various forms). Writing this blog is a way for me to process one of the many concepts that were explored and I sincerely hope it may ignite something positive in your singing and creativity. Do you sometimes find that it... Read More >>

Playful learners

Perhaps the major inhibitor of creativity is too much activity in our prefrontal cortex (nerd alert!) - the part of our brain used for analysing. Let’s be honest folks it’s a very important part of the brain that deserves due credit, but if we linger there during what is meant to be a creative experience or process we may find ourselves in a de... Read More >>

protect what is special

I'm writing this post in response to a student request. Andee asked that I blogged on the "7 best ways to look after your voice". For research purposes I Googled Andee's question and for the most part the answers were all common sense stuff which everyone should do anyway (most importantly singers)! Hydrate, avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine  (I... Read More >>

Know your zone

Recently I watched a TED Talk on "How to get better at the things you care about", this wasn't a talk aimed specifically at those involved in the arts but I thought that the principles were totally relevant to our world. The presenter, Eduardo Bri... Read More >>

Less fear, more confidence!

The body is an amazing system of energy. Our psychology plays a significant role in how our body reacts. "if we believe we are under stress, we manifest stress in our physiology" - Dr Bruce H Lipton. All of us understand how stress or negativity feels - Our heart rate increases, muscles tighten, increase in saliva, sweat and so on. ... Read More >>